Terms and Conditions

Le Gallophile is a mechanism for individuals and small businesses, primarily those associated with the Nouvelle Aquitaine area of France, although others will be considered if they are relevant to our readership. to advertise and publish their work. This service is provided at no cost, and as such, Le Gallophile will not be held responsible for content, other than to moderate its suitability for inclusion on the site. You may submit text, images or audio files for publication and links to your own website(s) or other relevant websites. You can publish snippets of your work or complete works in any genre or format. However, it is your responsibility to be aware of intellectual property rights and make sure that the work you publish is your own or does not infringe copyright law.

For the reasons stated above, Le Gallophile does not pay for submissions.  We are a free online directory/magazine and have limited resources. The site is merely intended to be a resource for creative people to showcase their work. The cost of maintaining this site is recuperated from advertising revenue generated by online visitors.

By submitting work to Le Gallophile, you confirm the following:

  • That you take full responsibility for your own submission in terms of it being your own original work,

  • That your submission does not infringe upon copyright law.

  • That you have full ownership of any intellectual property rights pertaining to the submission.

  • That you understand that Le Gallophile will not be held responsible for any infringement of copyright or intellectual property rights law.

  • That you will retain full copyright and ownership of your own submissions.

  • That your submissions will be monitored for suitability for inclusion on this site.

Please also be aware that Octavia's Perspective is not a serious advice service. Octavia is an imaginary character and any 'advice' is offered tongue in cheek and in the spirit of humour. Sylvia's Perception is designed to provide more serious and constructive advice to those wishing to share real problems but it must be noted that the name 'Sylvia' is a writer's pen name and the character is fictional. Anyone suffering from depression or other serious problems, psychological or otherwise, should seek advice from suitably-qualified professionals elsewhere.