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Le Bar Gibson, Saint-Gervais,
87600, Videix

Tel: 05 55 03 73 73

Le Bar Gibson has pool and snooker facilities. It's home of
Les Desperados Billard Club.

Come and play. A warm welcome is assured from proprietors Christian and Virginie Belair.


Ferme le Lundi
Mardi - Samedi 17h - 00h
Dimanche 14h - 20h

Monthly English quiz night in support of
Noah's Ark animal charity.

Next one to be held on 26th November 2017 at 7 pm

Chorale Cantique

This mixed-nationality choir was founded in November 2008 in the southern Haute-Vienne. The membership includes French, English, Welsh, Scottish, Dutch, German, Norwegian and American singers.

Read more about
Chorale Cantique

Read more about Colin Cartwright

C'est la  rentrée

Cantique is pleased to announce its program for 2018.

Mozart's sublime Coronation Mass and the lively Dixit Dominus by Antonio Vivaldi form the repertoire in the choir's 10th anniversary season.

We are currently recruiting and are looking for basses and altos in particular, although all voices are welcome to audition. The auditions are informal and friendly, so please do not hesitate to contact our chef or our secretary if you are interested, or contact us onlineYou can learn much more by visiting our website.

May harmony reign!

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