Graham McAdam

Ode to Annabelle

Once upon a time in France
A lady fancied me by chance.
She asked me for some more detail
And I responded with email,
And thus started romance for real.

We agreed to meet one sunny day.
For this, the lady drove some way.
We hugged at once, a lovers’ tryst
Held hands with feeling in our midst.
T 'was then that we with passion kissed.

We kept  in touch in many ways
With Skype and email, in a daze.
Until that is, I yearned to visit her
And she said ‘okay' so we’d be together
And cement this love that would last forever.

 It came to pass just a few days later
When I drove to meet her
There she was, all lovely and smiles
Waiting for me after twenty short miles
Why didn’t we meet in the British Isles?

 Fate has pronounced us lovers for life
And I’m sure she would make a fantastic wife.
But that decision’s for another day;
For now, we’ll make sure nowt gets in our way.
Any fears she has I will surely allay.

 So, there on a Monday, I had duly arrived
She welcomed me in with me by her side.
My pent up feelings were so hard to hide;
I suggested we cuddle and ignore any pride,
And that was the moment we were ever tied.

 It was amazing to find, right there near her bed
A couple of books I had already read.
But, even more strange is the urge I had
To re-read these books to make me glad,
E’en before I set eyes on her glorious pad.

And now I am thinking about next weekend,
When the old disappears, and I can comprehend
This wonderful love for my new girlfriend.
My love for her can only ascend
I hope it does not drive her round the bend.

It is true to say, I have read before
That true love is rare and one must adore
That person you love until you are sore;
It is only then that you will know this feeling
When, no matter what happens, she’ll remain so appealing.

 And, so to the future, I'm thinking ahead
This love of ours will never stop dead.
My love for this lady will go on and on
Until my soul is dead and gone.
Oh, my darling Annabelle, I shall be forlorn.


 Graham Thomas McAdam
21st September, 2016


© 2016 Graham McAdam