Coq Au Porto


1 chicken

25 gm butter

8 fresh sprigs thyme, 2 bay leaves, freshly ground pepper

25 gm flour

100 ml chicken stock, or more if needed

1 tbspn redcurrant jelly

3 to 4 tbspns port

6 bacon slices


Preheat oven to 450F/230C/Gas 8.

Line a large roasting tin with enough foil to cover the bird completely and lightly brush with oil.

Carefully loosen the skin of the breast from the bird, and with a round-ended knife or spatula, spread the butter between the skin and the breast.

Tie the legs with string and lay two bay leaves on the bird.

Wrap the bird with the bacon slices and put it into the baking tin. Wrap the foil around the bird.

Roast for 20 minutes, then reduce the oven to 375F/180C/Gas 5. Uncover the foil and roast for 20 minutes more until brown and the juices run clear when pierced with a knife.

Transfer the bird onto a board to stand and cover with clean foil. Pour the juices from the foil into the roasting tin and skim off any fat.

Sprinkle in the flour and cook over medium heat, stirring all the time until smooth. Stir until it thickens adding more stock if it is too thick.

Stir in the port, adjust the seasoning and serve with the chicken.

Coq au Vin