Annabelle Johnson

A Tale of Two Sizes

A tale of woe this story starts
T'will tug the strings of people's hearts
But at the end you'll surely see
Love triumph o'er adversity

One fateful day in summer heat
Two lonely souls by chance did meet
And easy t'was in love to fall
But she was short and he was tall.

The lady strived to reach his height
But next to him she was too slight
And standing on her tippy toes
She had a job to reach his nose.

She picked out shoes with highest tips
He bent his head to reach her lips
He rendered her a loving peck
And got a bad pain in his neck.

A gentle man, by no means rough
But not a wimp, and strong and tough
In effort brave to solve this case
He hauled her up to reach his face.

I must repeat just so you know
That he was high and she was low
And also I must add to that
That he was thin and she was fat

So thus his clever plan did fail
On raising her he turned quite pale
He realised soon he ran the risk
Of tweaking back and slipping disk.

To consummate their love they must
Before their ardour bit the dust
So desperately they went to bed
With feet to knees and chest to head.

Adopting horizontal means
At last they had it off it seems
For up and down and up she slid
And down and up and down he did.

So lovers out there heed my word
Do not by inches be deterred
Where there's a will you'll find a way
And every dog must have his day.

© 2016 A. E. Johnson