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Correspondence Between Old Friends
by Anne Cartwright



by Rebecca Schofield

A series of articles sharing some closely-guarded secrets that the author has discovered about the mysteries of rural life throughout the seasons in France.

Chapter 1 - The Magic of  Mushrooms

Chapter 2 - Alcohol
Part 1 - Home-Grown Hooch; Part 2 - Wine

Chapter 3 - Curing Bacon

Chapter 4 - Mardi Gras

Chapter 5 - Hens I Have Known



Most expats would agree that life in France is good, but as is the case anywhere, challenges sometimes arise.  It has been said that a problem shared is a problem halved.  Share your problems with one or other of our self-appointed expert agony aunts, Sylvia or her mother Octavia, who will offer words of wisdom from their very own unique perspectives.

Discretion and anonymity guaranteed

Octavia is a bit of an old goat who has lived life to the full and feels qualified to offer her own brand of worldly advice.

No discretion, no guarantees.


In 1944, near the end of World War II, Kapitolina Panfilova met Thomas McAdam, a British sailor who had sailed with the Arctic Convoys to Archangel in Northern Russia. It was a fateful meeting.

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To passers-by, St. Gervais would seem deserted, but there is a sparkling gem in its midst, hidden in full view.

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English version, version française

Sylvie Canal etait née le 10/11/1964 à Brive la Gaillarde.

Dans ses propres mots...

<< Fleuriste-horticultrice de formation mais ce métier étant incompatible avec mon désir d'élever moi même mes bambins. Possédant un brevet d'animatrice d'enfants, je me suis naturellement tournée vers celui d'assistante maternelle. 

J'ai toujours voulu écrire, et après que les enfants aient quitté la maison, je m’y suis mise. Les discutions avec les personnes qui ont lu quelques unes de mes petites histoires m’ont incitée à continuer. Je prends plaisir à écrire et mon souhait est de partager avec vous mes histoires. >>

A Handful of Chestnuts

by Anne Cartwright with
drawings by Roger Spratt

This book is a collection of delightful and evocative stories and anecdotes focusing around life in a small hamlet in the Limousin. The stories are based on the author's real-life experiences.

Available in paperback format.

Read Julia Dunbar's article in La Montagne magazine, 'Anne Has A Charming Tale To Tell', November 2017

Find out more about
Anne Cartwright

Words and Music:
A Harmonious Relationship 

Anne and her musician husband, Colin, are enjoying their retirement in South-West France where Anne writes her novels and poetry and Colin leads a choir and composes music.  It's a marriage of minds.



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Small groups. Native French teacher.

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by Abigail Johnson

Decorated birthday cake

by Sally Hounsell

The Ghost Dog

by Andrew Leyton

Curious Cat

by Abigail Johnson

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